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This site is the Logic involvement in sharing expertise and skills acquired in daily work. The goal is to create a solid knowledge base and share best practices in software development and systems management.

More info about us can be found on logicsistemi.it.

Getting the new inserted record ID - ASP.NET MVC - Entity Framework - C#

When we develop a web based application, we often face the problem to get the primary key value of the record, just after his creation. Let's see how to obtain it in ASP.NET MVC Entity Framework. As usual, we work with C#.

C# A string of random chars

In software development, we often need to generate random values. This article shows how to create a random string in C#.

A simple calendar for Joomla! articles

Searching internet for a solution to display a calendar with link and tooltips for every published Joomla! article, you probably come accross JEvents.

This extension is the most popular for displaying events and it has some nice calendar modules you can add in your site, but it has a lot of functionalities and it's sometimes hard to configure.

In this post we explain an alternate solution that allows to add an articles calendar to your site without installing additional modules.

Sharing an address book using LDAP

Sharing contact information between different operating systems is a bit complex. Different clients handle information in a different way and to create a common LDAP schema that works with every software is complex.

In this article, we consider the following systems: Outlook (Windows system and OSX), Mozilla Thunderbird (Windows, Linux and OSX), contact.app for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and we try to list the attributes used by them.

C# Converting all the elements of a List

List<T> is a generic collection class that can be found in the System.Collections.Generic namespace. The class exposes several methods, one of which allows us to convert the type of all items to another type.

Joomla! 2.5 user plugin: preserving values during validation

In a previous post I've explained how to add fields to the user registration by creating a user plugin. We come back to it to solve a problem recently appeared on Stackoverflow.

The problem exposed there was caused by a wrong template that, creating an error in the Javascript code, blocked the client side validation, causing the form to be submitted with wrong fields.

Server side validation worked great and the user was not created and the wrong fields listed, but the values inserted in additional fields were lost.

We try to modify our plugin to preserve these values. This could be some sort of pedantry, but we use it to explore some other aspect of the Joomla! engine.

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